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Profile: Fill out your contact information (top menu "my profile" or https://ualberta.corefacilities.org/about/show_profile).  We need your Name, Job Title (Student/Tech etc),  Time Zone (default Mountain Time), Location (Bldg and room number), Email and Phone #.


Speed Code: Ask your PI (or person designated to assign speed codes in your lab) to go into iLab at https://ualberta.corefacilities.org/account/ldap/ualberta and login with their CCID and password.
1. Go to “Manage groups” (bottom left side) and click on “my labs”
2. Select your lab and go to “Membership Requests and Speed Codes” tab and input a speed code for the user.


  Staff cannot proceed without your profile and speed code.


To Request a Sort or Training.

See the "Request Services" tab.


Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Core Assisted Use/Core Sorting: M-F 9AM - 4PM

Unassisted (Trained) Use of Analyzers: 24/7

Unassisted (Trained) Use of BSL2 Sorter: 24/7


Flow Cytometry Facility

Room 6-67 Heritage Medical Research Centre

Edmonton, AB 
T6G 2S2



Name Role Phone Email Location
Dr. Aja Rieger
Core Manager
780-492-6721 or 780-492-7780
6-020 Katz Group Centre
Sabina Baghirova
6-67 Heritage Medical Research Centre

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