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 Profile: Fill out your contact information (top menu "my profile" or https://ualberta.corefacilities.org/about/show_profile).  We need your Name, Job Title (Student/Tech etc),  Time Zone (default Mountain Time), Location (Bldg and room number), Email and Phone #.


Speed Code: Ask your PI (or person designated to assign speed codes in your lab) to go into iLab at https://ualberta.corefacilities.org/account/ldap/ualberta and login with their CCID and password.
1. Go to “Manage groups” (bottom left side) and click on “my labs”
2. Select your lab and go to “Membership Requests and Speed Codes” tab and input a speed code for the user.


  Staff cannot proceed without your profile and speed code.


To Request Training.

See the "Request Services" tab.



Overview of Services


The facility is managed by Dr. Stephen Ogg. If you would like to take advantage of any of the advanced microscopy equipment or techniques available within the centre, please contact me to disuss your imaging needs or fill out a training form and return to me. Resources within the facility are available to all researchers within the faculty as well as external users. Please see the fees section below for a description of charges. We are located in the basement of the Katz building, in room B-120. There are currently two electron microscopes, one SEM and one TEM, two confocal microscopes and one super resolution microscope in the imaging centre. These allow users to perform high resolution electron microscopy as well as live cell time-lapse fluorescence microscopy and other advanced fluorescence techniques such as fluorescence recovery after photobleaching – FRAP, Förster Resonance Energy Transfer – FRET and Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy – TIRF. Our super resolution microscope can use either structured illumination to achieve a 2X resolution improvement in in all 3 spatial dimensions, or combination of localisation microscopy in TIRF mode to obtain resolution in the realm of 10 to 100 nm (depending primarily on fluorophore brightness).


We gratefully acknowledge contributions from the CFI and the province of Alberta to provide microscopy resources.




Dr. Stephen Ogg, Core Manager

email: stephen.ogg@ualberta.ca

Office: 780-492-1613
Imaging Facility: 780-492-2181

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

24/7 Availability for Trained Users


B-120 Katz Group Centre for Health Innovation Research

University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E1

Links and Resources




We bill based on the amount of time a user is logged into the computer at an acquisition system, not the time reserved on a system through iLab. 

NB- Internal and External in this context is whether you are within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (internal) or not (external).

Hourly usage of the microscopes is debited monthly (from the 26th of the previous month to the 25th of the current month) to a speed code supplied by the user. All financial transactions are debited by the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry finance team. Prior to training, users should supply a speed code and an email approval by the grant holder that stipulates that the grant holder understands that the speed code will be used on a monthly recurring basis.


Hourly Rates for Use of Light Microscopes

  Internal Users  External Users
Training                                                     No Charge No Charge
Digital Microscopes $ 10.00 $ 20.00
Confocal Microscopes $ 16.50 $ 35.00
Image Analysis No Charge $ 15.00


Hourly Rates for Use of Electron Microscopes

  Internal Users External Users
Training $ 50.00 $ 50.00
Transmission Electron Microscope by User $ 50.00 $ 50.00
Transmission Electron Microscope by Staff $100.00 $100.00
Scanning Electron Microsocpe by User $ 50.00 $ 50.00
Scanning Electron Microscope by Staff $100.00 $100.00


Hourly Rates for EM Sample Preparation Equipment

                                                               Internal Users External Users
Training                 $ 50.00 $ 50.00
Ultramicrotome by User $ 25.00 $ 50.00
Ultramicrotome by Staff $ 50.00 $100.00
Cryo Ultramicrotome by User $ 35.00 $ 70.00
Cryo Ultramicrotome by Staff $ 70.00 $140.00


Name Role Phone Email Location
Dr. Stephen Ogg
Core Manager
6-142M Katz Group Centre
Woo Jung Cho
Senior Electron Microscopy Lead
B-120 Katz Group Centre
Greg Plummer
Light Microscopy Technologist
B-120 Katz Group Centre


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